Type: Forex Trading System

Product: Forex Counter Attack

Rank: Silver Category

Profitability: ???/10 (Need more time to evaluate Forex Counter Attack)

User Friendly: 8/10 (few simple steps to follow and execute your trade)

Support : 8/10

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” Introduction to Forex Counter Attack System “

Probably the most ultimate forex system

There are quite a few forex trading systems coming out this July. I intend to post at least half here since I find them quite “interesting”.

While I love to explore Forex Trading Robots, I generally like forex trading systems more as they are more “hands-on” and gives you more mental rush when you get execute a good trade manually.

Forex Counter Attack system is developed by an experienced trader called Michael Lenee. He is also the developer of  Forex Trigger, Fibonacci Killer, and unlimited forex wealth, to name a few.

I have not heard any complaints about his product yet so I guess he must be doing all right.

The trading system is targeted to launch on 27 July ’10 and so let me give you a peep on some of its important features:

Using for the past 7 years

Everyone can formulate a forex trading system. However whether it makes money or not, you will only know when it has gone through months and years of testing.

Now Michael has been using this trading system for the past 7 years !

I don’t think you can find any developer to have done this extensive testing.  The system has been proven to be profitable for the past few years , going through different market conditions till now.

Last 3 months of results

To further prove that the strategies are still profitable in the current market, Michael did some intensive trading for the past 3 months.

He has managed to turn $100 into $15,455 using solely and following Forex Counter Attack system strictly.

I believe he will show you the result statement on the homepage when the system is launched.

Risk Reward at 1:3

Without a good risk-reward trading system, you WILL NEVER make money, not for the long term.

When Micheal develop this system, money management was on top of his priority list.

For every 1 pip you risk, the trading system aims to make you at least 3 pips.

While some of his other trading systems are more aggressive and focusing on finding entries, this trading system is more conservative and requires you to be more patient.

You will only trade when the risk-reward ratio is at least 1:3.

Some other features

Below are the main features of Forex Counter Attack make known to me.

Just take it for reference first.

-> Easy to follow strategies that makes it child’s play
-> No prior Forex experience needed
-> No wasting time on analysis, charts, and false indicators

-> Needs less than 30 minutes per day to collect winning trades
-> Suitable for amateurs and veterans
-> Easy to use, clearly described strategies

-> Trades on multiple currencies, stocks and commodities
-> Generates extremely powerful, leading, mechanical signals.
-> The signals are supremely accurate as well as profitable.

-> Super accurate indicator
-> Automatic stop loss feature to protect your capital
-> Low Risk to reward ratio, minimum 1:3

-> Complete money management strategy included
-> Use it from any where in the world.
-> Life time customer support through emails and Live Chat.

Alright, I only have so much information now.

Let’s wait for the launch day on 27 July’10 on this trading system.I will post another detailed review here again.

I really like the name here, it is time for us to “Counter-Strike” back the forex market :)

Forex Counter Attack Review

»» Visit http://www.ForexCounterAttack.com

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