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Type: Forex Trading Software 

Product: Auto Trade Fusion

Rank: New & Testing Category

Profitability: ??? / 10 (Unknown Product)

User Friendly: 8 /10 (Typical metatrader 4 apps)

Support : ??? /10 (this is Graham’s first time)


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” Auto Trade Fusion Reviews “

Trading Software – Auto Trade Fusion launching tml

Good Day to everyone, I am currently looking at a new forex trading software now. The name is Auto Trade Fusion which is releasing tml.

There are quite a lot of forex trading softwares launching lately. I am receiving almost 1 new launch per day in my email.

However what caught my attention was the developer himself.

Developer with a background and reputation

The developer behind Auto Trade Fusion is Graham Turner who was an institutional trader working with one of the biggest trading firm in Europe.
(edit: My trading pal confirmed that he was working in Switzerland and has since retired from the financial scene)

With such an experienced and powerful background, I couldn’t help but to look further into it.

Now let’s zoom in and take a closer look at Auto Trade Fusion and see what it has to offer you and me.

Is Graham Turner Good Enough

So how good is Graham Turner? I am sure his appointment as a institutional trader counts for nothing if he couldn’t generate a dim of profit.

So far from the statement released, he has made over $70 million profits for his trading firm over the past 20 years working there.

He has been betting against small retail traders like you and me and using his big capital to manipulate the market.

It would be interesting to see how he can adopt his previous trading style to help the small-time retail traders. After all, he has been making big money from big capital.

I am also interested to know why is he coming out to help us or to share his secret trading formula.

According to my trading pal, he is simply trying to make a name for himself and most importantly, prefer to keep the trading profits to himself rather than sharing with his firm.

Low entry price is appealing

Ok so if fame and keeping profits are his case, I think there is ground for us to believe him since the entry price for Auto Trade Fusion is quite low, below $50.

The features

Graham Turner is not a believer of Forex Robots and always prefer to trade the manual way. Thus he has created Auto Trade Fusion which is a signal generating software which will mimic exactly how he trades.

He has someone to program his entire suite of trading methodologies into Auto Trade Fusion.

The trading software will scan the currency charts for signals according to his methodologies and sound off if there are any trading signals.

There are several trading methodologies programmed inside the software. They are supposed to take care of the ever-changing market conditions. So when one failed, the other will take over.

Not bad results

So far, Graham has tested the software for less than a year.  The average monthly return is about an average of 142% .

It is higher than what Graham Turner has achieved in his firm due to a lower capital base compared to the 8-9 figures capital used over at his financial firm.

I guess that is our advantage as a retail trader. We could go in and out the forex market real quick.

Auto Trade Fusion is currently priced at $49 which makes it all worthwhile as it contains the strategies that Graham Turner use to pump out millions of profits for his firm for the past 20 years. (If that is really true)

Meanwhile check out the posted videos at Auto Trade Fusion.

Your Reviews and Comments

Please leave any comments, reviews and findings on Auto Trade Fusion on the comment box below.

I will approve all comments as long they made sense. Thank you.


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