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Type: Forex Trading Software

Product: Copy Paste Pips

Rank: Silver Rank Category

Profitability: ???/10 (no results and statement available yet)

User Friendly: 9 /10 (one click exe installation)

Support : ??? /10 (no experience with this vendor)

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” Copy Paste Pips Reviews “

Popularity with Signal-Software

I am seeing more forex signal-softwares coming into the market.

It seems that people are looking for direct trading signals to buy and sell.

And some of the monthly trading signal services are charging a premium price. Therefore, signal-softwares that only cost 1 time payment are popular with new forex traders.

Operated by Full time trader

Moreover, some of these signal softwares have a full time trader operating the software.

This means that the signals are coming from a real  forex trader.

Unlike the disadvantages of a pre-programmed forex trading system, the human is more capable to adapt to different market conditions and apply his trading experiences.

Thus the appeal of having a full time human trader behind the signal-software is even greater.

Today, I am going to introduce you another upcoming potential good forex signal software.

Copy Paste Pips

This signal-software is named as Copy Paste Pips.

The developer Robert Colmer is a full time forex trader.

He will be the one giving you most of the trading signals via the software.

As of now, I have no useful information about this software until the launch day.

Launch Date

Copy Paste Pips is launching on 18 Jan ’11.

Meanwhile visit the webpage to watch their free trading video and access 1 of their free trading system.

Your Reviews and Comments

Feel free to leave any comments, reviews and findings on Copy Paste Pips on the comment box below.

I will approve all comments as long they made sense. Thank you.

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Each day, more and more traders are jumping into the forex market but at the same time more and more traders are beginning to embrace automated forex trading software to handle some to all of their trading work for them. The best programs can enable you to see reliable gains come in from this market without your having to hire out or have a great deal of experience yourself. Keep the following tips in mind to pick out the best automated forex trading software.

Accuracy – An accurate signal generator can and will make you a lot of money if used correctly. This yields predictions as to what will happen within certain forex pairs next after analyzing trends and shifts in the market, past and present. Therefore, it’s imperative that you secure the most accurate signal generator available. The majority of reputable software publishers additionally offer constant free updates after you purchase so that your tips stay as precise and strong as the market itself. Read some comparison reviews or positive testimonials before making a decision here.

Ease of Use – You can sometimes get an idea of how easy the program is going to be to use from the publisher’s website. User friendliness should not be overlooked on either end. Keep in mind this program is meant to make your life easier, not more complicated. You don’t need a bunch of extras, just make sure that it has an accurate signal generator as I just discussed as well as basic stop loss and take profit features like Copy Paste Pips which are synonymous with any forex campaign. Reviews of those who have first handedly tried these programs are invaluable when making a decision.

Customer Service – You can easily determine the level of customer service a publisher brings to the table by sending them an email if they don’t have phone support and testing their response time. Response time of 1 to 3 hours is choice. This is a reflection of their reputation, you want them to be concerned with your business and keeping their customers happy. Also, ideally you’ll never have any troubles with your program, but if you ever have a comment, complaint, problem, any of the above, you’ll want to know your concerns will get dealt with swiftly and effectively.

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