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Type: Forex Trading Course

Product: Forex Income Maximizer

Rank: Gold Category

Profitability: ? / 10 (Haven’t launch)

User Friendly: /10 (Discretion learning involved)

Support : 9/10 (full time support staff)


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” Forex Income Maximizer Reviews “


Combining Live Trading and Trading Signals

A heavy weight champion trainer is coming up with a new forex trading education package. It is a mix of live trading education and trading signals. 

Tom Strignano is slowly building up his reputation as a forex trainer. He is beginning to nurture a group of successful students and that is helping to build up his career as a full time trainer.

If I remember correctly, his previous product is either forex ebook or forex signal services. This time, he is integrating both. 

The entire training package is call Forex Income Maximizer


About Tom Strignano

He came in with a bang as a retired International Bank Trader. He has over 20 years of trading experiences as a BIG trader.

When he first step into the forex training scene, he came out with a few forex ebooks like Forex Confidante and Fibonacci Strike.  

His first  forex signal service was kinda of a failure. It wasn’t very well-received as Tom was an aggressive scalper. The students weren’t happy with so many trades and all the small wins and losses. 

By now hopefully, he will gain enough experiences to make Forex Income Maximizer a real success.

I mean he does have the skills, knowledge and experiences as a Bank Trader. Now he just need to pass this on as a Trainer.

 I do not have much information at this point of time but I will share with you what I know from him personally so far.


Purpose Forex Income Maximizer

So what is Tom Strignano trying to achieve with Forex Income Maximizer?

Well, he finds that there is lack of LIVE trading education in the forex community. Everyone picks up a book, start digesting it and begin trading on their own. This is quite inefficient as you can lose a lot of school fees while trying to learn the trade. You have no role model to follow nor can anyone point out your mistakes.

Tom recognize this flaw and wants to bring in the system of how novice Bank Traders were taught trading in the banks. They were taught to trade under the supervision of a senior trader. The novice trader would observe how the senior trader trades with their own eyes.

They would also trade  LIVE under the senior trader and his mistakes could be corrected under the spot.

This is what Tom wants to achieve with Forex Income Maximizer.

You might be able to make back your course fees and even make a decent living with Tom’s trading signals. 


Components inside Forex Income Maximizer

Lets look at some of the training modules :

  1. Access To Live Trading Rooms : London and New York
  2. Real Time Education As To Why We Are Making A Trade And Why We Are Not
  3. Why Its Important Not To Over Trade And Only Look For High Reward Low Risk Probabilities
  4. The Psychology of Good Trading High Velocity Trades Taken By Humans Only (No EAs)
  5. Core Position Trading System That Kicks Off Only 7-10 Trades A Month – These Will Be Ridden For Maximum Pips – They Are Trend Seeking Trades
  6. Mirror Trading / Trade Copier Service
  7. Live Education, But Lessons Will Be Recorded And Placed In The Site If The Client Misses A Lesson
  8. High Velocity Trades For 30-80 Pips
  9. In Addition, A Trend Seeking Position System That Looks For 500 -1000 Pips


Your Reviews and Comments

Please leave any comments, reviews and findings on Forex Income Maximizer on the comment box below.

I will approve all comments as long they made sense. Thank you.


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