Type: Forex Trading Robots

Product: Forex Robot World Cup

Rank: Gold Category

Profitability: 9.5/10 (All forex robots are proven and tested to be very profitable among all contestants)

User Friendly: 9.5/10 (Typical Mt4 expert advisors)

Support : 8/10

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“  Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC)
reopening for extra 50 new members “

FRWC might never be open again

**REMEMBER: We are closing the doors to the FRWC’s
Royal Trader after either 24 hours OR 50 new members

and, we will NEVER open them again.

The EA Lab – True Value, Real Robots

Now… hang on to your seats because this is probably going
to be the most shocking thing you have ever seen in your
LIFE – we mean it.

The first robot we created in the FRWC EA Lab was called Fusion
V 1.1a and it nailed a NET pro.f.it of 355.46% in ONLY 19
s… yes – on a real-money, live account!

Now, this was not with just 10 or 15 trades… it traded 226
times during that period and produced an equity curve envied
by every single industry expert.

As you can see… that is an average of 12 trades per day
and a total of 18.65% DAILY pr.of.it!

Fusion V 1.1a was the combination (or “fusion”) of the top
five FRWC ranked robots after the first 30 days of live trading.

Top 5 Competition EAs were combined to become a MASTER EA

We took those five EAs and built a master EA with specific
money management and risk settings that combined the
following strategies:

- Scalping
– Swing Trading
– Short-Term Trend Trading
– Short-Term Reversal Trading
– Price-Action Trading

…a real masterpiece!

After merging all of the EAs mentioned, we naturally placed
the Forex Robot World Cup robot on a live account.. and the results? ASTOUNDING
as you can see:

Fusion V 1.1a and other EA Lab robots will always be available
for download in the members area.

As with ALL our EA Lab (and competition) robots, we employ
an underlying concept that is KEY in FX trading:

Constant monitoring of market conditions, performance and

Markets change… that is a fact. If you “fall asleep” so to
speak, you might miss the train but, here at the FRWC, we
work hard so that none of our clients ever miss the train
with our robots…

The latest happenings with our EA lab

A) We have already produced a few NEW and exciting
versions of the Fusion robot (much more stable),

B) We have worked to improve HiRIDER:


C) We developed a new combined variant of “Zoop, Neg-
Correlation and NutCracker” with astounding results:


…real-money – a live account showing 150.8% performance
in just over one month!

Remember you keep getting NEW and LATEST Eas

And we are now also working on many more exciting, additional
EA concepts stemming from the top FRWC competition robots.
Of course, all of these will be available to YOU as our valued

Remember… ALL of our testing and research is (and always
will be) done on real-money, live accounts!

The Forex Robot World Cup Team

P.S. Remember, we are closing the doors to the FRWC’s
Royal Trader after either 24 hours OR 50 new members
we will NEVER open them again:

Forex Robot World Cup Review

»» Visit http://Forex-Robot-World-Cup.com

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