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Ivybot is the only automated forex robot to use 4 expert advisors at the same time. The purpose is to use a individual set of forex trading system to trade each currency. This helps you to get better winning rate and then better trading results.

Will Ivy Bot this heavily hype forex robot take over the throne of Forex Megadroid and Fap Turbo? Time will tell and we will report our findings and results here. Below is a list of reviews, news, articles related to IvyBot.

News Flash: VIP Upgrade for IvyBot Users

Chance to upgrade your status

Valued IvyBot Customer: If you are not currently a VIP Member, your 2nd chance has arrived.

We are continuing to see very profitable results with the IvyBot system, and the future for IvyBot trading looks excellent!

If you can recall, when you first signed up for IvyBot, you may have been offered access to our VIP area.
Your benefits as a VIP member

IvyBot VIP Member area of IvyBot gives you exclusive access to three additional powerful indicators, a free monthly webinar, and two MetaTrader 4 trading scripts.

The indicators and scripts are designed to give you insight into what the IvyBot team looks at when placing trades. Get insight into IvyBot through the monthly webinar.
Webinar Recap

The webinar held earlier this month (September 1st) was very insightful and proved to be very effective in answering many questions that VIP members had.

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News Flash : Ivybot V5.0 is released

You can download Ivybot V5.0 at member page

As a valued IvyBot Member you will receive updates as more efficent
IvyBot versions are released.

We are pleased to announce that Ivybot 5.0 is now available for you
to download from the Ivybot Forex Market Member’s login page.

What are the updates

* Full 5 Digit Compatibility
* Manual Magic Number Entry
* Improved Synergy with all MetaTrader 4 Platforms
* Updated Trading Settings

At IvyBot we strive to continue our reputation as the #1 trading

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News Flash : Is price increasing soon?


It might be true

I heard from my trader friends that Ivybot Currency Pairs will be increasing the price soon. They are planning to sell to the first 1000-3000 members for beta-testing and the rest will have to pay more.

If you are looking to buy Ivy Bot or Forex Megadroid , this might be the best time to do so. There is no reason to pay additional later on.

After all you are protected by clickbank policy, so you are free to return back the forex robot if it doesn’t work for you.
The Email Received

Here is one of the email I have received.

Well the past week in the Forex World has been just crazy! Copies

of IvyBot are flying of the shelves at a record breaking pace. Never

before has the FX world seen this much demand for one product!!

…and these reason is simple, because IvyBot is by far the #1 Forex

Trading Robot to date. No other Robot comes close to the package

IvyBot is offering.

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Ivybot Weaknesses

Reviews on “What are the Weaknesses” Poor risk-reward ratio To be honest, it is not fair to assume this weakness but from the backtest results, I can see that the forex robot risked an average of $4 for every $1 . Maybe it is just me as a manual forex trading system trader but I would’nt risk investing that kind of money in any foreign future, stock or forex exchange .

Luckily the Ivybot Automated Forex Trading Robot has a high winning accuracy rate similar to Fapturbo but bear in mind it is necessary if you want to make any profits. I will evaluate this automatic forex trading robot further to understand more. As of now, I am particular impressed with the risk-reward ratio. »» Visit www.IvyBot.com

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Ivybot Bonuses

Review: “Ivybot Bonuses” The Ivybot team creators are offering some interesting bonuses with every purchase. I am not sure how long they will last. The total bonuses value works out to be over $1400. (claimed by the vendor) Forex Market Watch Indicator ($450 value) This is a currency strength indicator used by the Ivybot Metatrader 4 team themselves. When the bars are green and longer, it means the currency pairs’ strength is on the Uptrend and vice versa when bars are red.

Session Profile ($450 value) An indicator to help separate the high/low of each forex market session. Breakout daytrading traders would love such forex trading system indicators. You can buy or sell when the charts High/Low box are broken. $500 trading account bonus You will get a free top up of selected forex trading account determined by the Ivybot team. Lifetime Membership Club Initially, the vendor wanted to charge a fee but decided to give it out free.

I heard it is only limited to the first 1000 members. Below are some of the goodies inside the membership club. 1. Full Service Support for Life Access to New Forex Trading Software Indicators 2. Access to New Automated Forex Trading Robots 3. Access to Revised version of any expert advisors inside

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Ivybot Videos

ivybot-ivy-botBacktesting Video

As Ivybot Forex Trading Robot is new, we can only evaluate the performance by using backtesting.

In the video below, you will go through the backtesting process of IvyBot. It is a good chance for you to learn how to setup your meta trader 4 to backtest any forex robots as well.

You will then see the backtest results in the end.

Below are the backtest results from 108 trades.

Trading Results: 108 winning trades out of 113 total trades. 5 Lost trades.
Average pips profit: 15 pips ++ , 60 pips –

The winning accuracy is quite high for a scalping system.

The risk-reward looks poor though thus it has to consistently achieve a high winning rate to profit.

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Ivybot The Strengths

” Review The Strengths of Ivybot ” Consistently profitable over a period of 9 years Although the backtest results for IvyBot doesn’t indicate what the future holds but that is only what we can base on for now. The backtest over the past 9 years have been very profitable.

The forex trading robot has been scoring an average of 664.4% throughout the 9 different economy climate. At least we do know that the trading system used are suited to trade in the forex market. So now lets explore what are the factors that made Ivybot Expert Advisor so successful over the past few years. 1-to-1 forex trading system vs currency pairs If you have been trading manually, you will hear advices from veteran traders to stick to 1 currency. That is to learn and master them before you switched to another. Ironically, most automated expert advisors love to trade many currencies at one time to impress their customers.

The worst thing is that there is only 1 type of forex trading system coded within. Yes, the automated forex trading robot may still be profitable from one currency pairs but it is very likely to give back to another currency behaving differently. You absolutely need different set of rules to deal with different currencies! What Ivy bot forex trading software does here is very unique and unheard of. It caters a dedicated forex trading system for each currency. (4 in total) In other words, Ivybot consists of 4 sets of expert advisors coded with different set of rules.

By using the rule of specialization, your winning rate and profits would likely to increase. Overall High accuracy winning This is the benefit of focusing 1 currency with each trading system. When I did a backtest, I found out that this forex robot has an unusual high winning rate which you don’t normally see with short term scalping system. If you look at the end report in the backtest video section, you will see that for every 100 trades, Ivybot forex trading software is scoring 94 wins out of 100 trades.

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IvyBot Description

Review on ” Description of Ivybot ” Ivy Bot forex trading robot could be a serious challenger to Fapturbo and Forex Megadroid Ever since Fapturbo and Forex Megadroid came into the automated forex robots scene, they totally dominated this pie of the forex market. There wasn’t a decent forex robot that could really impress me. I mean there are many forex robots that do give you profits at the end of the month but I feel I could outperform them easily with my manual forex trading system. Ivybot Forex Trading System is the first forex robot that I seriously feel that could threaten these two kings of forex robots.

If you look at my Top 3 forex trading robots, I could’nt find any forex robot to fill up the 3rd place ! The closest to that place was Forex Humanoid which I am still testing. The weekly demo account profits are currently standing at 25%+ . Hopefully Ivybot will change my mind as the whole package looks very good. Trading Methology The Ivybot trades with a combination of the following methods that professional forex traders love to use :

1. Trend analysis 2. Weighted price action 3. Technical price patterns 4. Market liquidity 5. Volatility 6. Forward projection scanning It is quite difficult for any manual traders to incorporate all the above at the same time while the forex market is moving. That is an advantage of using computers alerts to trade. The first to comprise 4 expert advisors into 1 automated forex trading system. The creators from IvyBot have improved a very important weakness of most forex trading robots.

There are mainly two types of forex robots. 1. One that only trades 1 specific currency pairs like EUR/USD. The results are often better but it doesn’t have many trades. And users are often very impatient not seeing their robot working. Example is Forex Megadroid forex trading software 2. The other type is where they used a SINGLE forex trading system for all the currencies pairs. Their account often do NOT hold on to profits for long. The profits from 1 currency would flow as losses to the other currency. This is because the range of movement and volatility is very different from 1 currency to another.

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