Type: Forex Trading Robots

Product: IvyBot

TradersFactory.com Review Rating

Rank: New and Under Testing

Profitability: 7/10 (backtesting and 1st month testing)

Reputation of Creators : 9/10 (Creators from Surefire Trading Challenge )

User Friendly : 9/10 (typical 5-10 minutes installation)

Support : 8/10 (From personal experiences with the team handling Surefire)

»» Visit www.IvyBot.com ««

” Ivybot Bonuses”

The Ivybot team creators are offering some interesting bonuses with every purchase. I am not sure how long they will last.
The total bonuses value works out to
be over $1400. (claimed by the vendor)

Market Watch Indicator ($450 value)

This is a currency strength indicator used by the IvyBot team themselves.

When the bars are green and longer, it means the strength is on the Uptrend and vice versa when bars are red.


Session Profile ($450 value)

An indicator to help separate the high/low of each market session. Breakout traders would love such indicators.  You can buy or sell when the High/Low box are broken.


$500 trading account bonus

You will get a free top up of selected forex trading account determined by the Ivybot team.


Lifetime Membership Club

Initially, the vendor wanted to charge a fee but decided to give it out free. I heard it is only limited to the first 1000 members. Below are some of the goodies inside the membership club.

  1. Full Service Support for Life Access to New Trading Indicators
  2. Access to New Trading Robots
  3. Access to Revised version of the Version

»» Visit www.IvyBot.com ««

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