Type: Forex Trading Robots

Product: Ivy Bot

TradersFactory.com Review Rating

Rank: New and Under Testing

Profitability: 7/10 (backtesting and 1st month testing)

Reputation of Creators : 9/10 (Creators from Surefire Trading Challenge )

User Friendly : 9/10 (typical 5-10 minutes installation)

Support : 8/10 (From personal experiences with the team handling Surefire)

»» Visit www.IvyBot.com ««

” Videos on Ivybot “

Backtesting Video

As Ivybot is new, we can only evaluate the performance by using backtesting.

In the video below, you will go through the backtesting process of IvyBot. It is a good chance for you to learn how to setup your meta trader 4 to backtest any forex robots as well.

You will then see the backtest results in the end.

Below are the backtest results from 108 trades.

Trading Results: 108 winning trades out of 113 total trades. 5 Lost trades.
Average pips profit: 15 pips ++ , 60 pips –

The  winning accuracy is quite high for a scalping system.

The risk-reward looks poor though thus it has to consistently achieve a high winning rate to profit.

Videos from the vendor

As usual the vendors will never failed to entertain the users with some unrelated forex videos :)

I have grab some of them for your viewing pleasure.

»» Visit www.IvyBot.com ««

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