Type: Forex Trading Robot

Product: Pro Forex Robot

Rank: Gold Category

Profitability: 8.5/10 (backed with powerful floor trading system and proven LIVE trading results)

User Friendly: 8.5/10 (one click exe installation and MT4 expert advisor)

Support : 7 /10

»» Visit http://www.proforexrobot.com

” Pro Forex Robot Report – Why are traders
choosing this automated trading system “

More care, precision and full-honesty from development team

There are so many robots that lay claim to being the final answer to
your Forex problems. None were developed with the kind of care and
precision that Ron Carter and the PFR team painstakingly create Pro Forex Robot.

They didn’t have to give it a flashy name,dance around any questions or hide behind any personas.

Ron puts his name and reputation right on the homepage because he knows
that Pro Forex Robot doesn’t need a gimmick, rather just an
opportunity to prove to you what he’s known all along.

There is no other EA on the market today that can provide the credibility and
results that Pro Forex Robot delivers, Hands Down!

2006 profit curve

^Take a look at 2006 – again quite steady and profitable!

About Ron Carter

Although now retired, Ron Carter could not think of a better way to
spend the past 28 years of his life than being a Floor Trader. The
excitement of the pit along with the financial and professional fulfillment
is as much as anyone can ask out of a career, but once the thrill of the
trade is in you it doesn’t go away.

2007 profit curve

^ 2007, once again it pulls a great return and is unstoppable!!

2008 profit curve

^ Finally 2008, everyone LOST THEIR SHIRTS that year, except for
the select few that had recession proof incomes in place, like Ron.

Top programmers to convert this winning manual trading strategy

Ron knew his trading strategy worked, but wasn’t clear how he would
go about creating a version of it for Forex. He then did what any smart
business man would do and hired the top talent around to make PFR a
reality. With 86.3% average monthly returns, We can all be thankful
that he did.

»» Visit http://www.proforexrobot.com

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