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And refreshingly there’s strictly no BS behind this.Just stacks and stacks of genuinely real, live trading proof.Trading proofs available.See a trade-by-trade summary, real video proof and see how real money is made with Xtreme Pip Poacher.The best thing?It’s so low risk that only 2% per trade is risked at any time.

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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to know whether your broker is screwing you? (excuse my language there).Verify your system profitability.It also tells you how to figure out whether a Forex system is profitable.

HINT: it’s quite simple and has something to do with what he calls “velocity”.You have to see this at Xtreme Pip Poacher.A few minutes of your time.It’ll only take a few minutes and it won’t cost you a dime. You’ll also be a lot wiser which may make a big difference to your trading. P.S this guy is one of the good guys and he’s giving away copies of the tool he uses to tradeand which keep a snoopy eye on your broker.

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Ok lets continue to talk about Xtreme Pip Poacher.What I am posting below are mainly findings from the blog itself since the product isn’t out yet.Firstly, Xtreme Pip Poacher is the outcome from 553 failed trading systems over 26 years by Williamson. Yes 26 years.. That’s how long he took to came with his first long term profitable EA.

He isn’t a typical forex trader who manages to fall on some magic trading solution. He has to put in tons of hardwork to get the correct formula and thus this automated solution which has been very profitable for him.194 Trades – $89K Net Profit.Over the years, Xtreme Pip Poacher has long/short 194 live trades with a net profit of $89,918.19.

Now Williamson has promised to upload all his trading statements as verification. So let’s look forward to that.Swing Trading System.Williamson doesn’t believe in Scalping nor does he believe you can make a long term living with scalping. Thus the entire trading system inXtreme Pip Poacher relies on Long Term Trading or normally known as Swing Trading.You can expect trades to last up to few days or even weeks.

There will be trades that will exit early due to the inbuilt trailing Profits/Loss mechanism. That means the EA will always try to maximize profits and minimize the losses.If anytime the market decides to turn around , the EA will be able to scalp whatever is from the trade.Trailing Profits and StopLossThe most common problem with Swing Trading is encountering all those choppy periods where prices can’t find a direction.

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