Type: Forex Trading Robot

Product: Xtreme Pip Poacher

Rank: Gold Category

Profitability: ???/10 (LIVE trading statement available on launch day)

User Friendly: 9 /10 (one click exe installation,MT4 expert advisor and your personal 1-1 success coach)

Support : 9.5 /10 (Your personal 1-1 success coach and members’ area provided)

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” Xtreme Pip Poacher Review “

Impressed by the Developer

A new impressive forex trading EA is coming out on Monday 26 Jul ’10. I think I should let you know more about this EA since there isn’t much information on the homepage yet.

So why did I say it is impressive? Firstly, I am impressed by the developer Williamson. He has been very respsonsive to all the different questions about his EA.

A lot of forex enthusiasts have come to known of his forex EA and has drop many questions/comments on his official Xtreme Pip Poacher Blog.

Btw his blog url is http://xtremepippoacher.com/blog/

Open to your questions

While many Forex EA developers choose to remain annoymous about their EAs, Williamson is kinda open about it.

I have seen him answering almost all kinds of questions on the blog.

Now that’s a sign of sincerity , openess and honesty in my opinion. If only most developers are like that.

Afterall, how good a forex product is depends largely on the developers. Any good developers confident in their own products would not shun away from any questions.

Over 26 years – 553 Failed Systems

Ok lets continue to talk about Xtreme Pip Poacher.

What I am posting below are mainly findings from the blog itself since the product isn’t out yet.

Firstly, Xtreme Pip Poacher is the outcome from 553 failed trading systems over 26 years by Williamson. Yes 26 years.. That’s how long he took to come upwith his first long term profitable EA.

He isn’t a typical forex trader who manages to fall on some magic trading solution. He has to put in tons of hardwork to get the correct formula and thus this automated solution which has been very profitable for him.

194 Trades – $89K Net Profit

Over the years, Xtreme Pip Poacher has long/short 194 live trades with a net profit of $89,918.19.

Now Williamson has promised to upload all his trading statements as verification. So let’s look forward to that.

Swing Trading System

Williamson doesn’t believe in Scalping nor does he believe you can make a long term living with scalping. Thus the entire trading system in Xtreme Pip Poacher relies on Long Term Trading or normally known as Swing Trading.

You can expect trades to last up to few days or even weeks.

There will be trades that will exit early due to the inbuilt trailing Profits/Loss mechanism. That means the EA will always try to maximize profits and minimize the losses.

If anytime the market decides to turn around , the EA will be able to scalp whatever is from the trade.

Trailing Profits and StopLoss

The most common problem with Swing Trading is encountering all those choppy periods where prices can’t find a direction.

They move up 50 pips and go down 50 pips and shoot up another 50 pips again.

This is where most swing traders start to get frustated. Profits tend to be eaten up and small losses start to chunk up. Thats why the trailing profits mechanism will help your Swing Trading  EA to minimize frustrations during such periods.

Price Movement Analysis

So how does Xtreme Pip Poacher determine which trades to take? Well, as with every forex EA developers, they prefer not to reveal their EXACT trading system.

However, what we know is that the robot follows price movement patterns. Take note it is not Candlestick formation. In addition, there are some filters to help determine profitable trends and avoid those choppy ranging periods.

You can trade up to 4 Major Currencies. They are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and the USD/CHF.

Customizable Money Management Options

As with most EAs, you can customize the money management part. You can determine the risk% per trade, lots size per trade, dynamic or fixed size position and etc.

I would recommend you to use the default settings until you have a better idea of how the EA trades. After all, Williamson would have customize the money management part in accordance with the trading system.

Your Own Personal Success Coach

What’s most interesting is that every single member would have a personal success coach. This personal coach would be responsible for your success.

You can  convey any needs or problems to him directly.

I find this as an important criteria for new beginners or troubled forex traders who just can’t make the next leap.

Watch out for this EA on 26 Jul ’10

So far, I have covered most of the important characteristics of Xtreme Pip Poacher EA and the developer behind.

Meanwhile, you can drop by the Official Xtreme Pip Poacher Blog for more information and ask Williamson any questions.

I will be observing this EA closely when it launches on Monday, 26 Jul ’10 and update here again.

»» Visit http://www.XtremePipPoacher.com

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